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    Hi everyone,

    I’m extremely ‘green’ when it comes to gun forums and even “tactical” shooting, so I hope I don’t embarrass myself too badly.
    I was recently invited to a tactical shooting competition and simply loved it. I want to become a participant, and therein lies my question. There are so many options and it is daunting to ask the questions without setting off the proverbial landmine around a controversial subject, or an age old debate. So I’ll attempt it here, naive right? Haha..
    Allot of research has brought me to a certain point, but I need experienced advice. I’m in the market for a semi-auto rifle and the requirements are kind of simple:
    1. .223/5.56 nato (affordability and availability of ammo)
    2. Reliable and ease of maintenance (Piston driven seems best)
    3. After sales serviceability (proprietary seems problematic in SA)
    4. Cost is a factor (Not yet in the position to drop R70G on a rifle)
    My philosophy of use would be foremost recreational/sport shooting. Therefore, I don’t need to reach further then 250m, if that. Secondary would be a “if everything went to hell in a handbasket scenario”, hopefully never.

    My thinking (BIG subject to change):
    1. AR 15’s DI is not that recommended, even though they are everywhere (not too sure on SA market though) and relatively affordable. So my alternative is to buy a piston AR, LWRC/Century SR556/Robinson arms’ MCR/Sig MCX..but they are proprietary and expensive if you can get them in SA. After sales?
    2. AK 74 or something in that family would also be awesome, but do we have them available here in SA for civilian use? I like the ‘looser tolerance’ and long stroke piston design. I’m thinking of the AK12 or Ak100 (from what I understand these can be chambered in 5.56 nato, could be massively wrong though. I’m not sure on ammo cost and availability on 5.45×39 in SA and not sure what the Norinco representation would be)
    3. Not at all a fan of the Vector CR21 for its ‘plastic’ character. Saw it fired in slow mo and wow! Not sure what guarantee is they offer, but seems like it should be sold “voetstoots”. I’m thinking of something other than the Galil R4, for the weight and adaptability aspects(seems like you can ‘play’ a lot more with the Yanks aftermarket components..not stupidly, but a light..optics)

    So my long overdue question: What options do we SA sport shooters have when it comes to affordability, reliability, with ample spare parts in a semi auto 5.56 nato calibre?

    Thank you for a hopefully “kind reply”.

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